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Health-Script is a simple Tapping Script to eat food that is healthy for your body.

Health-Script can also be used for weight loss.
Please use your own words for these scripts so they suit you.
This will help you to tune into your feelings and make EFT much more efficient.

Increase the feeling around your issue before Tapping this will help you and engage your entire energy and neurology in the process.

Before you start tapping, rate your intensity from 0 to 10.

Health Script
Write the number down and compare how you feel after each round and make a note about your intensity again. Tap each point about 7 times.

Normally, your intensity will be gone down already after the first round, if not, repeat the process until you are at 0 and feel light and peaceful.

Acupuncture points in EFT Health-Script :


Acupuncture Points EFT Health Script

Tapping points:

KC: Karate chop

EB: Eyebrow

SE: Side of Eye

UE: Under Eye

UN: Under Nose

C: Chin

CB: Collarbone

UA: Under arm

TH: Top of Head

SS: Sore Spot. red spot= massage not Tapping
Trauma: red spots on top of hand: hand tap between little finger and ring finger

Script for Health

Health-Script to eat healthier

Tapping points: KC: Karate chop or side of your hand

Karate Chop: Even though I feel stressed and have difficulty choosing healthy foods, I accept myself fully and completely.
Karate Chop: Even though I Never know what I should or should not eat, I choose to feel relaxed around food now.
Karate Chop: Although I want to eat healthier I don`t think I can overcome it, I choose to feel calm and confident now.

Eyebrow: To eating healthy makes me stressed
Side of eye: What should I eat?
Under eye: Healthy food is so stressful.
Under nose: I always get confused about what is best to eat.
Chin: There are so many different pieces of information about eating healthy.
Collarbone: Everyone seems to have different information about healthy eating.
Under the arm: All this stress around food.
Top of my Head: All this stress.

Health and EFT

Continue with a positive round when you're on SUD around 3:

Internal Eyebrow: I choose to feel relaxed about food now.
Side of Eye: I choose to listen to my body.
Under the Eye: My body knows what is best for it.
Under Nose: I am calm about healthy foods.
Chin: It's fun to eat healthy.
Collarbone : It's good to be healthy.
Under the arm: Food nurtures and supports me
Top of Head: I make good and healthy food choice now.

Health EFT Script

You may continue with a round where you at each acupuncture point make a statement to release what is left:

Eyebrow: I release my stress about eating healthy
Side of the Eye: I let anger go
Under eye: I let fear and anxiety go
Under Nose: I release all that is shameful and embarrassing
Chin: I let go of shame, guilt and devaluation
Collarbone: I choose being in tune with my body
Under Arm: I choose to be in balance
Top of Head: I choose to be happy and feel peace

Go through it a few more times, and if there is specific feelings, events or ideas, Tap them.
Remember, this is a general script to start the process once you are in the process, it will automatically give you feelings and thoughts associated with eating healthier.

Write them down if necessary, and tap them one by one to treat only one fundamental problem at a time, never take new problems that do not relate to what you Tapping on.
Complete a process before you start a new if you want lasting results from this Health-Script.

Always remember drink water and take deep breaths for each round.


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